Adding air is the essence of bakery, fine bakery, ice cream and essential for any whipped product or foam in desserts. In professional applications, stabilizing the achieved volume over the complete shelf life is critical – and aeration innovations open the door to completely new applications.
We offer Egg Products as well as Creamers, Topping Bases, Emulsifiers including LACTEM or DATEM or Lecithin which can also be used e.g. in vegan products to replace eggs.

Our Aeration products and solutions at a glance
Egg Products Egg White | Powder and liquid | all kind of bearing systems | Organic
Emulsifiers MG & DMG saturated, unsaturated, self emulsifying | SSL | DATEM | PGE & PGMS | STS | LACTEM | MCT | RSPO – palm variants in MB & SG | Rapeseed and Sunflower qualities
Lecithin Sunflower | Soya | Rapeseed | liquid, de-oiled & on carrier | GMO – free
Solutions: BIFOSOL® AIR – Aeration agent | MOKA & MOKAERO – Fat powders, Creamers, Foamers, Topping bases