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Our solutions at a glance

BIFOSOL® AIR Our systems for aerated products e.g. fine bakery in sponge cakes or dairy in mousses
BIFOSOL® GEL Standardized Carrageenan for optimal functionality, consistent batch to batch quality, optimised for various application areas and technical challenges.
BIFOSOL® HUE Customized colour blends for your market or application needs and for different market segments, natural, customized packing
BIFOSOL® LECI Lecithin from various seed origins, sprayed on different media for convenient and safe usage in your production process
BIFOSOL® TEX Our Stability &Texture Solutions based on different Hydrocolloids and other products for various applications and challenges.
BIFOSOL® VITAL Our clean(er) label range for different applications market challenges.
DuoWhey High quality instant whey protein blends containing two protein fractions with ideal blending and dissolving for persistent foaming effect.
EUREBA® All-in-one sugar reduction systems for optimal taste, texture and mouthfeel in your applications. Easy applicable and functional while reducing added sugar.
MOKA High Fat Powders on various carriers, Foamers, Milk Replacers and Creamers for various food applications. Customized and standard types.
MOKAERO Tailor made Topping Bases or Whipping Cream Powders based on different fats, solids and hydrocolloids
Rüther Compounds Ready to use oleoresin compounds for seasoning -and meat producers, liquid or on different media . E.g. Rüther oleoresin building blocks contain different spice extracts – they can be used as a taste building block for further individual taste variations at your facility, while offering significant cost in use advantages and optimal product safety.