Our solutions for: Cream | Cheese & Cheese Analogues | Milk Drinks | Stabilizer & Compound Producers
BIFOSOL® HUE Customized colour blends for your market needs and for different market segments, natural, customized packing Milk Drinks, Yoghurt, Spreadable Cheese, Cheese Analogues Customized quality for your application, optimized packing for batch production process
BIFOSOL® GEL-D Standardized Carrageenan for cream stabilisation or mouth feel in dairy drinks Fresh Cream, Dairy Drinks Cost in use advantage
EUREBA® Fruit prep. Blend A steviol glycoside based sugar replacement blend for sweetening soups and sauces with proven functionality in application Dairy Drinks, Yoghurt (fruit preparation) Ready and easy to use, customized blend for sugar reduction or replacement
DuoWhey High quality protein blends containing two protein fractions: WPC 80 (whey protein concentrate) and WPI 90 (whey protein isolate). Both are instantiated, so they blend well and dissolve without the persistent foaming effect. Protein enriched shakes, dairy drinks Instant product, easy soluble
Please note that besides the BIFOSOL and BIFOLINE product range, not all products are offered by us in every market. Contact us for availability in your country.