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Our solutions for: Meat alternatives | Sausages, meat | Vegan cheese | Gelatine replacement | Ready meals
BIFOSOL® HUE Customized colour blends for your market needs and for different market segments, natural, customized packing Meat alternatives, ready meals Customized quality for your application, optimized packing for batch production process
BIFOSOL® GEL CR Synergistic blend of hydrocolloids and fibres which form an absoluty elastic and strong gel without any other stabilizers or emulsifiers. This product is also optimal for fat reduction without substantial changes of sensorial characteristics of the product. Meat alternatives | vegan meat, sausages | vegan cheese | gelatine replacement | fat & cost reduced cheese cost in use advantage, yield improvement, improvement of slice-ablity, consistency and cohesiveness, fat reduction, easy to incorporate, superior eating qualifications
BIFOSOL® GEL M-CSR Optimized carrageenan for vegetarian cutlets e.g. quinoa. Improve bite feel, while keeping everything together. Vegan cutlets with vegetables Strong network, excellent bite feel, interesting cost in use
BIFOSOL® TEX C Egg white replacer based on different hydrocolloids optimized for usage in ready meals Ready Meals White Colour, good bite feel, thermo-stable
BIFOSOL® TEX M-AL Blend for cut resistant meat emulsions, can act as fat replacer either. Meat emulsions | meat alternatives | raw, fermented and cooked sausages | Fish products High water retention, good consistency and cutability, heat stable, interesting cost in use
BIFOSOL® TEX E-AL TEX E-AL series are ready-to-use alginate preparations for Co-Extrusion systems
to produce different types of Sausages. It generates an edible coating which improves yield.
All type of raw and cooked sausages-meat substitutes, fried and barbeque products, like salami snacks Cost efficient, no limitation on the caliber, multi-equipment capable, no stop of production process – endless casing at high production speeds
Please note that besides the BIFOSOL and BIFOLINE product range, not all products are offered by us in every market. Contact us for availability in your country.