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More and more consumers avoid Gluten for health reasons. In countries like Italy or Poland, already 10 percent of people are on a Gluten-free diet – and the number of users increases dramatically. Discover what we have on offer to replace Gluten, like specially our BIFOSOL®VITAL PF solution.

Our Gluten Free products and solutions at a glance for the bakery segment
Antioxidants Ascorbic acid | Rosemary extract
Egg Products Egg White | Powder and liquid | all kind of bearing systems | Organic
Emulsifiers MG & DMG saturated, unsaturated, self emulsifying | SSL | DATEM | PGE & PGMS | STS | LACTEM | MCT | RSPO – palm variants in MB & SG | Rapeseed and Sunflower qualities
Fibers Pea fiber
Hydrocolloids Guar Gum | Locust Bean Gum | Xanthan Gum | CMC, MC, HPMC, MCC
Lecithin Sunflower | Soya | Rapeseed | liquid, de-oiled & on carrier | GMO – free
Proteins Pea protein | Soy protein Concentrate | Soy Protein Isolate
Sweeteners Dextrose syrup | Glucose syrup | Iso-glucose | Fructose syrup, from European GMO-free corn
Solutions: BIFOSOL® VITAL PF – Fibers | BIFOSOL® GEL & TEX – Texturizing systems