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for pet food and feed
Human know-how

Instinctively good

Food is food and has to be of great quality, no matter if it is made for humans or animals. Animal feed and Petfood producers, blenders and compound manufacturers find high quality ingredients and smart solutions at BFS.

The world of ingredients, feed additives and feed material

  • Texture enhancers (e.g. Emulsifiers, Lecithin liquid, Hydrocolloids, Fibres)

  • Proteins:

    • animal protein (e.g. fish meal)
  • Phytochemicals:

    • Oleoresins, water or oil soluble (e.g. Capsaicin, Curcumin)
    • Essential oils, standard and extra line (e.g. Thymol)
    • plant extracts (e.g. Saponine)
  • Taste enhancers (e.g. Ethyl-Vanillin, Oleoresins and essentials oils)
  • Shelf life extenders (e.g. Natural Rosemary Extract, Ascorbic Acid)
  • Natural sweeteners (e.g. Isoglucose, Steviol glycosides)
  • Sourcing & trading of commodities (e.g. Guar)

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