Our ingredients for: Chocolate | Sugar & Gum Confectionery
Colours Beetroot powder | Carmine
Egg products Egg yolk | Egg white | Whole egg | Powder and liquid | all kinds of bearing systems | also available as Organic
Emulsifiers STS | RSPO – palm variants in MB & SG | Rapeseed and Sunflower qualities
Oleoresins Full range of oleoresins from “A” like ANISE, over BLACK PEPPER, CAPSICUM, CARAWAY, GARLIC, GINGER, NUTMEG, MACE, PAPRIKA to “T” like TUMERIC. Name it, we got it or make it! Tailor made grades, customized in Europe for your application requirements.
Lecithin Sunflower | Soya | Rapeseed | liquid, de-oiled & on carrier | GMO – free
Sweeteners Dextrose syrup | Glucose syrup | Iso-glucose | Fructose syrup