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From zero texture in drinks over creamy puddings up to hearty meat products and meat alternatives: creating textures that remain stable from production to consumption are a key issue for any food producer. We offer a wide range of ingredients and solutions like Hydrocolloids, Lecithin, Emulsifiers or Gelling Agents and Texturizing Systems

Our Stability & Texture products and solutions at a glance
Egg Products Egg White | Powder and liquid | all kind of bearing systems | Organic
Emulsifiers MG & DMG saturated, unsaturated, self emulsifying | MCT | RSPO – palm variants in MB & SG | Rapeseed and Sunflower qualities
Fibers Pea fiber | Psyllium fiber
Hydrocolloids Alginates | Carrageenan | Guar gum | Locust bean gum | Konjac gum & Konjac glucomannan | CMC, MC, HPMC, MCC
Lecithin Sunflower | Soya | Rapeseed | liquid, de-oiled & on carrier | GMO – free
Sweeteners Glucose Syrup
Solutions: BIFOSOL® AIR – Aeration agent | BIFOSOL® VITAL PF – Fibers | BIFOSOL® GEL & TEX – Texturizing systems