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BIFOSOL® VITAL PF Fiber to e.g. replace gluten in your application or bind & keep water and improve texture Gluten-free bread, rolls, sponge cake, muffins High water absorption and holding ability, produced in Europe.
BIFOSOL® AIR Our aeration system for sponge cakes… Sponge Cake Fast and stable aeration
BIFOSOL® TEX AL Texturizing system for bake stable cream fillings Bake stable cream fillings Optimal stability & texture, process safety
EUREBA® Bakery Blend Sugar reduction system for optimal taste in fine baked goods, keeping optimal texture and eating qualifications Cookies, muffins, cakes, fine bakery products Ready and easy to use, customized blend for sugar reduction or replacement
BIFOSOL® LECI Lecithin on wheat carrier for optimal results in wafers Wafers Easy to use, improved browning, increased resistance to breaking
MOKA FP High fat powders with different fat sources and fat content, usually from 70-80%, spray dried on different carriers, enriched with milk proteins and other ingredients for functionality purpose. Baking and pastry mixes, milky rolls, cake fillings and cream, decoration creams, wiped and whipped cakes, cookies, muffins Source of easy applicable fat in end product, Soluble in water, Improves structure, texture and whitening effect, Impacting flavour and taste positively, extend shelf-life
MOKA MM Milk replacer MOKA MM is a combination of the highest quality raw milk and vegetable fats (palm or coconut). Due to the combination of liquid ingredients with spray-drying, the ready products are of highest quality and perfect properties. baking, milky rolls, cake fillings and creams, decoration creams, wiped and whipped cakes, cookies, muffins Flavour and creaminess comparable to milk, easy to use, different protein levels
Please note that besides the BIFOSOL and BIFOLINE product range, not all products are offered by us in every market. Contact us for availability in your country.