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EUREBA® SD Blend A versatile steviol glycoside based sugar replacement blend solution for no added sugar and energy reduced still soft drinks Ice tea, energy drinks, smoothies, syrups & beverage powders, carbonated soft drinks, sports & nutritional beverages Ready and easy to use, customized blend for sugar reduction or replacement
BIFOSOL® HUE Customized colour blends for your market needs and for different market segments, natural, customized packing All kind of beverages Customized quality for your application, optimized packing for batch production process
DuoWhey High quality protein blends containing two protein fractions: WPC 80 (whey protein concentrate) and WPI 90 (whey protein isolate). Both are instantiated, so they blend well and dissolve without the persistent foaming effect. Shakes and smoothies Easy soluble, ready to use, high bioavailability, isolates with different
absorption and metabolism time
MOKA CW Creamers with different fat sources and fat content, usually 15-45%, spray dried on different carriers, containing usually a milk derivative (e.g. milk protein) for higher stability in the end product. MOKA CW creamers improve stability in water in different pH environments. Hot & cold drinks, coffee drinks, chocolate drinks, shakes, vending products dedicated for vending machines Easy applicable and soluble, high powder flowability, broad range of bulk density, particle size adjustment options, Improvement of taste, creaminess and consistency in the end product
MOKA MM Milk replacer MOKA MM is a combination of the highest quality raw milk and vegetable fats (palm or coconut). Due to the combination of liquid ingredients with spray-drying, the ready products are of highest quality and perfect properties. Chocolate drinks, coffee drinks, cappuccino Flavour and creaminess comparable to milk, easy to use, different protein levels
MOKA CB MOKA CB hot & cold soluble foamers for beverages are instant products that easily show the ‘foam milk’ effect and at the same time improve the taste of coffee drinks and chocolate instant. Capsules technology and spray drying allow to close gas in foamer capsules and proper composition of the product, allow upon dissolution, form stable, aromatic and tasty milk foam on the top of the drink. Hot and cold beverages | cappuccino, latte, frappe, other coffee and chocolate drinks Wide range of products, good stability in hard water and acidic pH, improvement of taste and flavour, improves whitening effect,excellent solubility, different fat source options
Please note that besides the BIFOSOL and BIFOLINE product range, not all products are offered by us in every market. Contact us for availability in your country.